Multiproxy-Switch Firefox 4

Multiproxy-Switch is a pretty nifty Firefox addon for quickly changing web proxies.

With the release of each new Firefox version, many older add-ons get culled from the typical profile due to incompatibilities. Multiproxy-Switch is no exception, and no longer seems to be updated.

I've taken this add-on on, modified it to be compatible with Firefox 4.0, and will now maintain it on github.

You can download the latest version from github.

EDIT 22/05/2011: Updated to provide Firefox 5.0 support.
EDIT 16/08/2011: Updated to provide Firefox 6.0 support.
EDIT 26/10/2011: Updated to provide Firefox 7.0 support.
EDIT 08/11/2011: Updated to provide Firefox 8.0 support, and add auto-update support.
EDIT 20/12/2011: Updated to provide Firefox 9.0 support.
EDIT 19/04/2012: No update required. Firefox 10 onwards now mark add-ons as compatible by default.
EDIT 07/05/2012: Bug fix release, updated to explicitly add support for Firefox 12.0

30 thoughts on “Multiproxy-Switch Firefox 4

  1. Thx a lot; i like this proxy extension and was desesperatly trying to find a version compatible with FF4.0 :)

  2. Hi

    Thanx you are a life saver I did not want to update to FF 4 before I knew I could get this working.

    How about modifying it to work on IE9 ( I know I know... but at our company certain apps only work with IE.:( )

  3. Just great !
    This proxy management extension has just the right featureset, it would have been too sad that it dies (again)

  4. Thx for your great work. It's a great liitle tool.
    It works now even under Firefox 5.
    I love to have it back.

  5. I'm wondering. Does "no proxy" mean you are using your existing firefox connection settings, such as "Use system proxy settings"?

    If not, could it be possible to add a proxy that will do that? I have to use a proxy or configuration script at work and what works with firefox isn't *always* what works for my regular development, so having the option to use my system settings *or* override them if they're not working for a particular site (I have a variety of us and international proxies I can use) would be most helpful.

    Thanks, this is one of my very most helpful plugins.

  6. Hi Paul,

    Yes, "No Proxy" means use the Firefox default, as defined in Preferences -> Network -> Connection.


  7. Please fix this bugs later on the next update. The proxy setting changes back to "None" everytime the browser is restarted. Thanks. Great job.

    • Hi ZACKY,

      I hadn't noticed this bug.

      It seems that the proxy persists across restarts, but the dialog box is not updated accordingly.

      I'll have a dig into the code and see what I can do.


  8. For my purposes, when the proxy setting changes back to "None" every time the browser is restarted, I consider that a feature. Any chance you can make it a toggle setting? Thank you!

  9. Great job Jon. Thank you for maintaining this great plugin. It is is one of the easiest to use for managing different proxies.

    I need to modify my script so it'll use URL session tracking, but the automatic proxy configuration URL is going to be just what I was looking for.

  10. Great news, thank you.

    Running on GNU/Linux with FF 8 I get a transparent pop-up menu when clicking the "Proxy: None" on the browser status bar. The "original" multiproxy switch didn't do this, so is it a regression fault?


    • Hi Chris,

      I'm running Iceweasel 8 and experience this bug too, but I haven't thought much of it.
      I'll do some investigating and see if it is a theme or OS issue.


  11. Hi Chris,

    I've released Multiproxy Switch v1.38.1 which fixes this issue.

    You can either wait for the update.rdf file to propagate to github's CDN and let Firefox autoupdate, or you can download the file directly from github.


  12. My Firefox 8 has been prompting an update to Firefox 11 for some time now.I have been reluctant to do this update because I feared my Multi-Proxy will no longer work.
    Pls tell me if there is already an update for Firefox 11 so I can proceed to update.THANKS

  13. Multiproxy-Switch 1.4 no works with Firefox 13. Add proxy is invalid. And Extensions interface display incomplete.

    • Hi Jok,

      Would you mind creating a detailed bug report on github about this? Screenshots and specific examples would be great. I'm using Firefox 13 myself and haven't had any issues.


  14. I also appear to have a problem with this and FF13. I stayed with FF3 for as long as I could because I wanted to use this plug-in and I could see in the official Mozilla Add-ons page that it wasn't compatible with newer versions of the browser. But, eventually the browser installation became to unstable. Found this link when looking for an alternative and downloaded the .xpi file. Uninstalled FF3 and installed v13.0.1 along with this .xpi file. Every time I start FF, I get the following pop-up error.

    100: An unknown error occurred
    ([Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsIPrefBranch.setCharPref]" nsresult: "0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://mproxy/content/proxy.js :: mproxy_setProxy :: line 558" data: no])

    I would create a bug report, but github wants me to log in first. Its a real shame because I have been using this plug-in for years and I can't seem to find an alternative.

  15. Hi Jon,

    Windows 7 Professional - 64-bit

    I have always found this tool to be extremely useful as I work in an environment where we have multiple web proxy products. This has always made it easy to switch between them when performing connection tests.

    I've just tried it on a XP Professional (32bit) virtual machine and also on a 2003 Server RS machine (again, 32-bit). In the case of the XP machine everything seems to be fine. On the 2003 Server, while the add-on isn't causing the error I am seeing on my Win7 machine it seems to exhibit a different problem. Create a proxy entry and upon returning back to the main browser page, it is not visible in the list box (it just says "None"). When I got back to the Manage Proxies screen it is definitely there. Restart the browser, however, and the entry the disappears completely.

    If you need any more info, by all means e-mail me directly.


    • Hi Phil,

      Thanks for the detailed report, it was very helpful. I'm using Linux here, so perhaps thats why I haven't experienced this.

      I've logged this as issue 3 on github, and I hope to have time to look at this over the weekend.


  16. Excellent - I look forward to seeing that you've managed to isolate and fix it. If you need me to try anything else, just shout! :o)


  17. I am getting same error as PhilM:

    100: An unknown error occurred
    ([Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsIPrefBranch.setCharPref]" nsresult: "0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://mproxy/content/proxy.js :: mproxy_setProxy :: line 558" data: no])

    My system is XP 32bit SP3, Firefox 13.0.1
    Reinstall many times but cannot resolve this problem.

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