Logitech MX5500 24 Hour LCD Clock

If you have the MX5500 keyboard/mouse set, you will most likely have noticed that you cannot change the time format on the LCD from 12 hour to 24 hour. No option exists in the SetPoint software either.

You can however change the clock to 24 hour by editing some config files.

Close setpoint.exe and open C:\ProgramData\Logishrd\SetPointP\Devices\Display\400000A\MX5500.xml in a text editor with Administrator Privileges.

Edit the lines (line 145 onwards in my version of MX5500.xml) below:

<String ALIAS="ADHIL_LEAD_0_TIME">0</String>
<String ALIAS="ADHIL_TIME_FORMAT">1</String>

to read as follows:

<String ALIAS="ADHIL_LEAD_0_TIME">0</String>
<String ALIAS="ADHIL_TIME_FORMAT">0</String>

Then restart setpoint.exe and your LCD should have updated itself as shown below.

This process will have to be repeated every time you update SetPoint.

2 thoughts on “Logitech MX5500 24 Hour LCD Clock

  1. Yes! Thank you very much! This perfectly for me.
    However my file was located in C:\ProgramData\Logitech\SetPoint\Devices\Display\400000A\MX5500.xml not where you said.
    But after finding the correct path everything worked like a charm. :)

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