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Debian /etc/ Cleanup

After upgrading a Debian system, it is a good idea to clean up any old configuration files that remain in /etc/. The following one-liner should find most of them for you:

find /etc/ -name "*.dpkg-dist" -o -name "*.dpkg-new" -o -name "*.dpkg-old" -o -name "*.ucf-dist" -o -name "*.ucf-new" -o -name "*.ucf-old" | sort

Running it on my desktop yields the following files:

root@lambda:/etc# find /etc/ -name "*.dpkg-dist" -o -name "*.dpkg-new" -o -name "*.dpkg-old" -o -name "*.ucf-dist" -o -name "*.ucf-new" -o -name "*.ucf-old" | sort

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