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Multiproxy-Switch Firefox 4

Multiproxy-Switch is a pretty nifty Firefox addon for quickly changing web proxies.

With the release of each new Firefox version, many older add-ons get culled from the typical profile due to incompatibilities. Multiproxy-Switch is no exception, and no longer seems to be updated.

I’ve taken this add-on on, modified it to be compatible with Firefox 4.0, and will now maintain it on github.

You can download the latest version from github.

EDIT 22/05/2011: Updated to provide Firefox 5.0 support.

EDIT 16/08/2011: Updated to provide Firefox 6.0 support.

EDIT 26/10/2011: Updated to provide Firefox 7.0 support.

EDIT 08/11/2011: Updated to provide Firefox 8.0 support, and add auto-update support.

EDIT 20/12/2011: Updated to provide Firefox 9.0 support.

EDIT 19/04/2012: No update required. Firefox 10 onwards now mark add-ons as compatible by default.

EDIT 07/05/2012: Bug fix release, updated to explicitly add support for Firefox 12.0

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