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PHP Scripts

Below is a zip file of various PHP scripts that I had written a long time ago. I found them again recently and decided to publish them in the hope that they might be of some use to somebody. There is very little documentation throughout the code, but most are only a few lines long so they are pretty self explanatory. I’m pretty sure most are horribly inefficient. I didn’t really know much about that when writing them. The scripts were also written for a PHP4 host, so they either have clunky workarounds, or else backported PHP5 functions.

Script Description
baseconvert Convert between various number bases.
bmi Calculate your Body Mass Index.
dotpitch Calculate the dot pitch and PPI of your screen.
easterdate Find out what date Easter Sunday falls on.
eircomwep Calculate the default wep key for eircom netopia routers.
euro Check the validity of Euro banknotes.
fibonnaci Calculate the n-th Fibonnaci number.
hash Calculate various cryptographic hashes.
haversine Calculate the distance between two decimal coordinates.
info Various information about your internet connection.
ip Displays your ip address.
randnum Generates a random number between 0 and 100.
suntime Calculate the time of sunrise and sunset.
tagstrip Strip html tags from the given input.
time Outputs the current time.
unixtime Convert a unix timestamp to a standard time format.
xkcd Returns the most recent xkcd comic as an image.
  I have extracted the zip to the download <a href="">directory</a> so you can use them without have to run your own <acronym title="Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP">LAMP</acronym> stack or click here to <a href="">download</a>.

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