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apg - Automated Password Generator

I discovered apg recently, a handy tool for generating secure passwords on the commandline. user@host:~$ apg Please enter some random data (only first 16 are significant) (eg. your old password): Ujecabhytor3 (Uj-ec-ab-hyt-or-THREE) yaxJant7 (yax-Jant-SEVEN) eewIcIkheaj9 (eew-Ic-Ik-heaj-NINE) GitAbpavhav7 (Git-Ab-pav-hav-SEVEN) GrysAcksId8 (Grys-Acks-Id-EIGHT) VurHocs1 (Vur-Hocs-ONE) You can also pass a seed to apg via the commandline for use within scripts: user@host:~$ apg -c date +%s FiWaztyt BykerWij AndyewAbFa Huoforea enyuavhew gaiwilcij Read more →