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Wine foobar2000 5.1 Surround

Wine is a compatibility layer to allow you to run Windows programs on Linux with near native efficiency. I use Wine to run foobar2000 on Linux. On Windows, foobar2000 supports upmixing stereo tracks into 5.1 surround sound. This was the first thing I missed when I moved my Desktop to Linux full time. After a good bit of googling, it turns out that it is actually possible to pass 5.1 surround sound from a Wine application to the native Linux sound driver. Read more →

Interfacing foobar2000 with LCD Smartie

If you use a LCD display on Windows, you are probably using LCD Smartie to control it. Unfortunately, LCD Smartie currently provides no easy way to interface with the latest versions of foobar2000. There were a few tricks you could do in the past which worked well, but most of these have died as versions changed and plugins were no longer updated. However, what does still work is emulating a Winamp API by using foo_vis_shpeck. Read more →