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Installing OptWare on DD-WRT

Most people think of their home router as simply the little black box with the flashy lights that provides the house with internet. They’d be correct, but there is whole lot more that those black little boxes can do. It is possible to run an embedded version of Linux on selected (mainly Linksys) models. This means that you can make your router perform the same tasks as a dedicated Linux server in your network, at a fraction of the energy costs. Read more →

Pachube Bandwidth Monitor

I recently discovered Pachube. Pachube is basically the YouTube of the graphing world. You create the data, and then send it up to Pachube to be plotted. I use both DDWRT and OpenWrt firmwares on my routers around the house. They both are Linux based, running the 2.6 Kernel. I wanted to log the bandwidth use in the the house on an hourly basis, but neither firmware provides an easy way to measure it. Read more →